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Leadership in Mulberry Tree Academy schools will be driven by a moral purpose ensuring that all our pupils reach their potential both academically and socially

Such leadership will have a total and persistent focus on high quality teaching, an imaginative and progressive curriculum and developmental performance management. Leadership will be shared within and across schools, have a strong development focus through the use of school improvement teams and be supported by the Mulberry Tree Leadership Team

As our trust grows it is possible that future executive head opportunities may arise.  The growth plan also includes some heads of school or headteachers stepping up to be Educational Leads for groups of schools.

For schools that are in an Ofsted Category of Special Measures or Serious Weaknesses:

We will provide immediate and significant intervention to ensure that these schools make rapid and sustained progress.

Due diligence will be carried out by our improvement team and an Improvement Plan will be created linking directly to the school needs and the Ofsted report if the school has already been inspected.

In our experience schools that are placed in a category often have issues which extend into the administration and premises areas as well and as such our Trust Business Manager as well as Facilities Manager form part of the improvement team and contribute to the risk assessment and Improvement Plan.

We will ensure that there is effective leadership and governance in place to secure significant and rapid improvement. The ongoing analysis of pupil data for these schools will show evidence of progress in all year groups.

For Schools on the Journey to Good

For those schools judged by Ofsted to ‘require improvement’ we will provide a higher level of support. We will ensure they accelerate progress through achieving more precision in teaching and learning and monitoring student achievement across the performance range. The Trust’s support in these schools will again ensure both rapid and sustainable progress. This will be achieved through working with the existing school leadership and improvement teams. This approach aims to produce a confident and competent leadership and school improvement team that is able to deliver precise teaching at a good standard and above on a reliable basis.

Quantitative school, class and pupil data will show good progress.

For ‘Good to Outstanding’ Schools

These schools will by definition require much less support. They will however, require some additional challenge in order to become ‘outstanding’ and to engage in networking with other schools. This will be achieved through working with the existing school leadership and improvement teams in deepening the understanding of what it means to be outstanding, increasing confidence in use of data and supporting forms of professional development to ensure that all teachers are working towards being ’outstanding’.

For ‘Outstanding’ Schools

These schools will automatically become Mulberry Tree Academy Support Schools. They will however still need some monitoring and support to fulfil their own support role.

This will be achieved through working with these schools’ leadership and improvement teams supporting the implementation of the school improvement strategy. This will result in schools that are sustaining and deepening their outstanding status and providing support across the Trust

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